Saturday, July 07, 2007

Great puzzle

Here is a small game made by IIM students to test ur intelligence !!

This game is a part of celebrations by IIMs.

The game play involves getting to the next level. Each level is only one webpage.

Get to the next level in whichever fashion... but don't use spoilers (answers cracked by other people).

  • Look for clickable objects on the page, within text, even within pictures.
  • Use Google wherever you think you need it. Most levels anyway require some amount of Googling.
  • Some levels require login and passwords to reach them. These are simple words that can be found on any of the levels preceding it, or maybe the result of manipulating something on these levels, or the result of a Google on anything on these levels.
  • Look closely at the pictures on the levels, if any, to find clues & hints. But don't be bound by them... some of these pics are there just because we want to show them off :-)
  • "May the source be with you". Answers to some levels may just be hidden in the source code of the webpage itself. Just look at the source of the page to find things that may seem like keys to further levels.
  • The way to get to the next level for certain levels after getting the keyword/clue may be to change a word/term in the URL (the http:// thing in the address bar of your browser). Most often than not, it's the last part before the .asp (like 'game' for this page).
  • Some amount of binary (.exe, .jpg, .mp3) download/manipulation may be required to get the hint to next level.
  • Not everything that looks like a hint may point to the right answer/path... we would like to play with your mind once in a while you know :-)
  • IMPORTANT: Any text answer required anywhere in the game will always be lowercase, not UPPERCASE, cAmelcase, mIxEdcASe or Sentencecase.
Still in the process of completing all the levels and should post another one soon with certain hints and solutions.

Enjoy !!

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