Sunday, August 05, 2007

Slight update

Ah, glorious summer. What could be sweeter than relaxing on white sandy beaches, visiting local ice cream stands, or sneaking out a tad early from the ol' 9 to 5 to enjoy the sun?

A lot more indeed. :)

On a personal note, July was one of the most eventful,satisfying and a wonderful month full of accomplishments, achievements and adventures ! (not many hikes undertaken though)

Last couple of months overall have been quite eventful and definitely full of ups and downs.

Most imperative of all, it is really good that I have a job to do (which keeps me busy) otherwise it would have really difficult to overcome the massive disappointment thanks to the Indian cricket team and the Dallas Mavericks. :)

Have been attending quite a lot of live sports events which gives you a great chance to get into the skin of the player and the heart of the game. The NBA game between Celtics & Mavericks was good. Celtics lost !! :)

Sampras vs. Mcenroe match in the outback series was even better. There was banter. There was laughter. There was profanity. Oh, and there was outstanding tennis between the 48-year-old and Pistol Pete.

Being in Boston no one can afford to stay out of the Sox action. (the game was between Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox) One should definitely visit Yawkey way to be a part of the Red Sox nation. An exhilarating game which Boston won comfortably in the end. (also, I started to understand baseball by the end of the game)

Photography has begun to pick up and you should see a lot more on my flickr link.

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