Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival

Saturday, May 31st was the Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival along North Shattuck Avenue's Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley.

Anyone could register at the booths and then you were assigned a patch of sidewalk at a specific address to draw. You could even purchase special artist's chalk at the registration. It was quite an event with street artists and a lot of children showing off their creations proudly. Here are some pictures.

It was a treat for chocolate lovers since the chocolate menu included flavors like peppermint, tamarind mango, blackcurrant, etc. besides many items like chocolate ganache cupcake, chocolate goat cheese truffle, raspberry dark chocolate,chocolate garlic clusters, and chocolate soap!

The festival vendors who had put up stalls featuring numerous hand made arts & crafts and chocolate-related items were wonderful.

I liked the stall for Xocolate Bar. They are apparently opening the store on Solano Ave. on the Father's Day Weekend. Check out the website for more details. They have many unusual flavors and shapes of chocolates besides a large variety of vegan chocolates to choose from.

Harlan's jewelry using unique handmade beads was quite exquisite. Here is a picture of some earrings he had. Pam Bliss had some unusual and funny greeting cards besides the clever magnetic bookmarks. The Morris Dancers outside Coldwell Banker attracted a lot of audience and so did Darcy Noonan outside Starbucks. I am quite happy that I knew about the event and got a chance to visit the lively and fascinating festival.

Check out the North Shattuck Association of Berkeley website for details about other such events.

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