Friday, September 04, 2009


Back to school!

165 awesome classmates!

The President Leonard A. Schlesinger, Dean Raghu Tadepalli and MBA Admissions Director Dennis Nations gave wonderful welcome speeches on Day 1.

I think the common message was that Babson is a global curriculum that has heavy emphasis on holistic learning, entrepreneurial thought and action and real world consulting projects. The Dean touched upon the fact that technical and analytical skills are just one aspect however the should students learn how to recognize and define the changes critical to growing businesses in a global marketplace. Learn the 'soft skills' was the take away.

Day 3-5 included the business simulation called Techmark. Competed with fellow teams to sell 'Rehmertz' in Euphoria, Ledakka and Nihono.

Lost millions in the process though earned it all back thanks to some collaborative efforts and strategic management decisions. Loved the entire exercise while learning a lot about marketing, strategy, pricing, accounting, debt, markets, budgeting, supply, demand, costs, profits, etc.

And we did all this while achieving the financial targets and maintaining the inventory to asset + debt to asset ratios. Hoping to do better 2 years from now.

Also, realized why "the early bird may get the worm, but it's the 2nd mouse who gets the cheese..". The schedule has been hectic for the orientation itself however I think we shall survive.

Well let's see how it goes when the actual courses(beginning tomorrow) ... for now the sentiment is something similar to this song :)

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