Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mass Innovation November

Mass Innovation Nights connect Massachusetts-based innovators with the marketplace using social media. I got a chance and time to visit this event and it was totally worth it.

Here is a rough synopsis about the companies that were represented and I visited today evening.

The Risk-Wise Investor
They were selling this book about understanding and managing investment uncertainty and risk.

Conversion Associates
First impression - something similar to Google Analytics although had different functionality.

Implementation Factory, Inc.
Document sharing and online collaboration tool.

Lime Design, Inc.
It is a handheld drink rimmer, Yes, that's right! After all, it was a Mass Innovation Night! You press a button and the device dispenses your spice (5 flavors) to rim your cocktail your way.

Magic Toob
Innovative idea to hold the bulb.

It is a way for parents and middle/high school students to find opportunities beyond school. They aggregate volunteer and community service opportunities, summer programs, teen events, etc.

Web based application for restaurants that sends (SMS) updates on the wait time and notifies customers when the table is ready.

Think Flood They had the RedEye system which they call the personal remote. It allowes the iPhone and iPod touch to control nearly any TV/DVD and other device that receive standard infrared signals. The way it works: iPhone/iPod acts as the controller and the RedEye device acts as the Wi-Fi to infrared bridge.

It is crowdsourced software testing. They have a community of 20000+ testers for everything form web apps to desktop/gaming apps.

V.i. Labs
It combines piracy business intelligence and software protection technology to prevent theft of software intellectual property, recover sales revenue and avert reputation damage.

Looking forward to December 9th for the next round to meet innovative companies and entrepreneurs.


Jason Evanish said...

I love what Mass Innovation Nights is doing...very disappointed I missed this one.

Thanks for recapping...always nice to know what happened at these kinds of events.

-Jason Evanish

rjnerd said...

As to presenters, you missed the museum itself (table right by the entrance to the "ballroom"), which provides the space. They are running a Green Enterprise Training Institute, , and seeking teams to enter their spring fundraiser, a catapult building competition

Ninad Gujar said...

You are welcome Jason.

Absolutely rjnerd. Thanks for the comment. The museum was stunning! The GETI is an exciting program and got to know more about it as well.