Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snowstorms or Earthquakes

Which one do you prefer? Well, I am talking about living in Massachusetts or California. I have moved back and forth between these two beautiful states and wanted to take a quick glance at how both the states compare. I remember writing about this when I had moved to the west coast.

Pacifica to Atlantica:
From Boston to San Francisco, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the west to the east, from MIT to Stanford, from biotechnology to information technology, from EST to PST, from 1600's to 1800's, from Acorn Street to Lombard Street, from Massachusetts to California, from winter to summer, from Harvard to Berkeley, from Red Sox to the Giants, from Big Dig to Golden Gate, from neighboring New Hampshire to neighboring Nevada, from MBTA to BART, from the Boston Globe to the San Francisco Chronicle, from Revere beach to North beach, from Martha's Vinyard to Lake Tahoe, from Patriots to 49ers, from Museum of Fine Arts to San Francisco Art Institute, from Cambridge to Berkeley, from Boston Tea Party to the California Gold Rush, from 17 NBA titles to none, from the Longwood Medical Area to UCSF, from I-90 to I-80, from Boston Logan to SF International Airport, from the American revolution to America's favorite city I have traveled a long way from Boston to San Francisco.

Well, last year I just reversed all of that! Back to the east...

Coincidentally, today I was checking some health data and saw this website
Here are some stats:

Total Population
36,408,700 - CA
6,374,700 - MA

Population Living in Poverty
7,193,900 19.8 % of total population of CA
981,300 15.4 % of total population of MA

Median Annual Income
$57,988 - CA
$60,038 - MA

Unemployment Rate, March 2010 (numbers in thousands)
2,308 12.6% - CA
324 9.3% - MA

Uninsured Population
6,717,700 18.5 % of total population of CA
346,000 5.4 % of total population of MA

Of course, these are just few of the numbers. There are a lot of overlaps and differences but just thought of writing about this. Well, weather aside the comparison speaks for itself. On a separate though related note: Totally looking forward to a Celtics vs. Lakers showdown in the NBA finals. For a bit more on education read why Massachusetts leads and California lags.

I guess for now I am living the snowstorms!!

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