Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indian Passport Renewal in USA

This should be helpful for people renewing Indian passports in the US. The process is straightforward,  perhaps even quicker if you do it in person at the consulate. I had mailed all the required documents and received the new passport via express mail in approximately 8-10 days.

Documents that I had included as part of the package:
  1. Original current passport 
  2. Completed online application form with 3 photographs
  3. Nationality Verification Form 
  4. Copy of the first 5 pages and last two pages of the passport 
  5. Copy of valid visa on passport/ Green card/ Permanent residency card/ Employee Authorization Card/ I-797 approval notice
  6. Copy of proof of residence (bank statement or rental lease agreement)
  7. Copy of degree certificates ( for ECNR) 
  8. (Optional) Copy of marriage certificate (needed for wife’s name inclusion) 
  9. (Optional) Copy of first and last pages of the passport for wife 
  10. Applicable fee - money order of 46$ 
  11. Prepaid self-addressed envelope with postage of $18.95
Make sure that you notarize all copies for the documents included.

Helpful links:
VFS Global (official page to apply for a new passport)
Application for re-issue of passport (this link has tabs on the top for further information on fees, documents required and the application form.
Another useful example of passport renewal
Path2USA instructions


tom thomas said...

Hi ,
When i got my documents notarized by the notary, I see the following text....." This instrument was acknowledged on ---, ----, 20---, by ----------------". In the by dash, the notary's name was placed. My best guess is that the name should be mine going by the wording on the notary seal. Does anyone have information on this as to how this should be filled?


Unknown said...

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