Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Entrepreneurs = Rock Stars

Everyone is an entrepreneur in his own right. Let me explain.

Pharmaceutical sales reps are a great example. They pursue relentlessly into selling the drugs. The company gives them the freedom to determine the process and shows them a general direction based on prior best practices gathered from the field. The self belief and target sales goal are the drivers for achieving success. The elevator pitch has to be mastered and delivered to the audience at every opportunity available. You tailor the value proposition based on the relevant decision maker. For example, if you are selling a drug in the hospital marketplace your pitch changes based on whether you are talking to a pharmacist or a specialist.

Schools are another example where the entrepreneurial ecosystem prospers. The professors’ act as mentors/VCs/Angel Investors, the school acts as an incubator and we have the ever-popular entrepreneurial student. Students continue to take advantage of the available resources, pivot based on the interests and achieve results. I think PhD students are phenomenal since once they graduate they join the workforce, continue giving back and move the field ahead.

LinkedIn CEO wrote the book, "The StartUp of You" where he talked about navigating your career as an entrepreneur.

During my MBA at Babson College, a lot of the focus was on understanding the entrepreneurial thought and action method. The conversations very quickly moved from starting a new venture to the intrapreneur in the corporation. Such discussions and learning forced us to take the small steps, measure the outcomes, re-calibrate and proceed. In fact, all my colleagues are doing great in their respective fields and I believe one of the underlying reasons is that the entrepreneurial mindset helps you to be action oriented and teaches you to deal with ambiguity in the workplace. Why not? What if? Maybe? All such type of questions eventually lead to something successful only if you act on the curiosity. And it's not where you start, it's where you finish.

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