Friday, February 03, 2023

Life on Earth for those still making another trip around the Sun

How does one process loss of a loved one? Each person processes feelings in their own way, has memories that are unique and experiences with loved ones that are precious. It is never ever easy losing someone and unfortunately all of us at some point will be at the crossroads in our life contemplating how can I possibly move forward from here?

I can’t even fathom the energy to think what it would take for me personally but unfortunately have had to navigate through some of the below recently. Sharing what I believe and have learned from others, in the event it helps anyone.

Let the emotions guide you. Cry, laugh, get angry and express / experience whatever comes naturally. Let people in, communicate with your close friends and family.

You will do this in many shared settings but take time to do this alone as well. It could be about the reverberating last conversation with whom you lost, your shared experiences, their goals, successes, your priorities in life - let the mind wander to process everything that comes to you.

Celebrate life
This may sound a bit cliche and you have read or come across this many times. Life is short, live in the moment. The only way ahead is to continue breathing and take one day at a time. Do you daily chores. Celebrate the happy moments.

Take time
You may take a day, a week, a year or more. It is completely fine. You’re not out there to prove anything to anyone, one has to navigate (with help from others) through this oneself.

Do something in memory of the person - could be something they cherished, would have dedicated time towards, taken pride in particular achievements of yours and many such things. This way you’re honoring how they lived their life and would have wished for you.

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