Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cricket Unpluggged

With the Cricket World Cup 2007 in Carribean just round the corner all my friends including myself have started a frantic search for all possible sources to see some live cricket action. For all the unconditional cricket lovers and fans here is a list of websites and links which you can use to watch some live cricket matches on the internet. I guess these should keep all of us cheering for our teams more than ever fro March 13 to April 28.

Paid ones

1. Willow TV

They have a package deal of 200$.

(Live Streaming, Interactive Highlights, On Demand Produced Highlights and Replays, Mobile updates and much more.)

Free ones

1. Deepthi

2. Tamil Audio-Video

3. Free Sports

4. Cric Buzz

5. Sgstream

6. SL Cricket


These are some good sites to catch some highlights of matches.


Officical Site of Cricket Australia


Besides you always have the evergreen ones where you will occasionally find matches too.

Youtube and Google.

You can try some creative searches like cricket world cup 2007, then the name of the particular match, the team name, the date of the ODI, the venue and so on since people have different nomenclature for their ids as well the file names.

I shall keep posting more info/links as I come to know about the same. Please leave me a comment if you know any better ones and I shall append them to the post.

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