Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nike Cricket TV Commercial

Finally, Nike has done it! With its latest ad exploding on television screens in India, the world's top sports shoe company has done something it has never done before -- a commercial on cricket.

Packed with tremendous energy, great visuals and fun music, the ad captures the spirit of the all too familiar site of Indian street cricket with superb authenticity and gripping drama.

The ordinariness of its characters, giving it the everyday familiarity that connects with the audience far greater than ads with star cricketers would.

Contrary to many previous Nike ads which ride on the backs of sports stars, this ad depicts two star cricketers -- Zaheer Khan and S Sreesanth -- as onlookers, who even get their car bashed up while the game is being played in a chaotic traffic jam.

Lyrics (Translated from Konkani):

'Wait, partner, wait
First let me play
If you don't play, I'll keep chasing you all day
Our game is like this only
Where we have no time to think
It is the game of cat and mouse
That I have begun to love
And in the falling running breaking
My destiny is entwined


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