Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Times change

Returning to India after 2 years is quite an experience. Since, 2 years is a long time in the resurgent and booming India.

I might sound a bit like a typical foreign tourist visiting India :)

Here are few of the things that I noticed:

They no longer have beautiful air hostesses anymore on international flights (the ones which invoke a multitude of questions/doubts)
Mumbai Airport still remains the same.
Mumbai-Pune travel actually takes only 3 hours.
Pune traffic is horrible and pollution has increased tremendously
People simply refuse to walk on the footpath while vehicles always seem to run you down.
Cows and 'Sunny' still exist on the road.
Out of no where suddenly there are 3 flyovers in front of E-Square.
Real estate prices in Pune have gone outside the chart and owning a house within the city costs a fortune
Everyone has a job and salaries continue to rise everywhere in India

Anyways, I think I shall continue on my food binge whilst enjoying and savoring my time here...

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