Friday, February 01, 2008


Wiki: The Palitana temples, are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community. There are a total of 1250 temples located on the Shatrunjaya hills, exquisitely carved in marble. The main temple on top of the hill, is dedicated to 1st tirthankar lord Adinath (Rishabdeva).

No one is allowed to sleep overnight including the priest, because the temple city has been built as an abode for the Gods. The town is considered by many Jains to be more important than the temple covered hills of Jharkhand, Mt Abu and Girnar. Palitana was the capital of a princely state of the Gohil Rajput clan. It is also one of the greatest tourist attractions in Gujarat for foreign tourists.

There are hundreds of other temples (besides those on the Shatrunjaya hills) and guest houses (dharmashalas) in Palitana city. It is believed that every Jain should visit Palitana at least once in his lifetime to get "Bhavya" status (fit to attain nirvan or salvation).

It is located 50 km South-West of Bhavnagar city and is a major pilgrimage centre for Jains.

I had the privilege to visit this uber-religious place and was content with the divine experience.

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

Also, read this excellent account of Shanta Nimbark-Sacharoff's trip to the spectacular temples of Palitana.

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