Monday, November 15, 2010

Entrepreneurship Crash Course

Some of the best quotes and advice from the speakers at 9th Annual Babson Forum on Entrepreneurship & Innovation held in Babson College last weekend.

"You spend 90% of your time working or sleeping. So get a great mattress and do what you love"- Brian Halligan

Only two metrics in business "better" or "cheaper" there is no in between. - Roger Berkowitz

If you have no constraints, create some. Run as many fast and cheap experiments as you can. - Colin Raney

Success in entrepreneurship has more to do with the width of your brain not width of your wallet.

It's easy to be an entrepreneur. It's not easy to be a successful entrepreneur.

Two secrets to success in business - you have to have an intuitive sense of your cash flow. Business is about customers. - Bob Caspe

1. Ask the impossible question 2. Beware of conventional thinkers 3. Seek new models - Marshall Carter

If you want a date go with Angels, if you want to get married go with a VC -Sean Dalton

You reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur as you reinvent your business. - Matt Lauzon

People think being a CEO is sexy. But, you spend your time making hard or controversial decisions that no one else wants to make.

Don't pay for marketing, just piss people off and let them get the word out. - Johnny Earle

The things we've screwed up are the things we haven't moved fast enough on. - Ben Fischman

Don't underestimate how company culture impacts success.

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