Friday, November 05, 2010

I have gone to the dark side

No, I have not become a VC or got VC funding! Still very much bootstrapped :)

Anyways, the title of the post refers to the new phone. After spending 2 years on Android have decided to spend the next 2 years with iPhone 4. The 4 part is important to mention here since soon everyone will be talking about iPhone 5 which will have a working antenna, 3G Facetime, etc. (and perhaps the near field communication capability)

One of the things I realized very quickly is that you can't only buy an iPhone! You will need some sort of case (definitely), screen protectors, and other accessories based on your taste to personalize your phone. And most people do buy these more than they originally intended. (including me)

After switching to AT&T the very next day this ad from Tmobile came out.

Not going to talk about the similarities and differences with Android since a number of websites have tons of stuff written over this.

The learning curve for an iPhone is steep but a quick one to climb. All things said have enjoyed the wonderful apps and the phone so far.

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